Teriyaki Boy, Chicken Teriyaki 2pcs/pack 650g


Teriyaki Boy Chicken Teriyaki contains one pack each of frozen marinated chicken Teriyaki and Teriyaki Sauce. It is vacuum packed and properly sealed in a clean and dry boil-able bag with the MGI sticker label.

Marinated chicken Teriyaki is a slightly thin chicken fillet that has reddish pink to brownish red meat and white to cream-colored skin with adhered spices and amber sauce.

Teriyaki sauce is a flavorful mixture of Japanese soy sauce and other spices which is best used as glaze. It is a slightly thick, homogeneous, glossy brown to amber sauce. It is packed by 150 grams in a clean and dry plain PE.


Cooking Instructions:

    1. Thaw Frozen Marinated Chicken and Teriyaki Sauce
      2. Grill the marinated chicken for 10 minutes
        3. Serve with Teriyaki Sauce