Max`s, Nilagang Bulalo 750g


Beef shanks simmered slowly until tender. Best to serve hot with corn on the cob and fresh green vegetables.

Max's Nilagang Bulalo contains one pack each of frozen Bulalo meat and sauce.

Bulalo meat consists of dark brown chunks of beef shank meat with minimal small pieces that are detached from a creamy white bone with intact off-white to yellowish bone marrow. Bone is free or with very minimal attached meat and tendon.  It is  packed by 150 - 250 grams in a clean and dry plain PE.

Bulalo stock has a distinct beefy taste with the right level of saltiness and hints of pepper and onion flavor. Meat has characteristic beefy taste free from rancid flavor. It is packed by 500 grams in a clean and dry plain PE.


Cooking Instructions:

1. In a pot with water, boil sliced japanese corn cobs for 20 mins or until fully cooked.

2. Unload corn cobs and set aside corn stock for cooking of Nilagang bulalo.  

3. In the same pot, place Bulalo meat &  stock, 1 cup corn stock and boiled japanese corn. Bring to boil for 5 mins

4. Once boiling, add sliced cabbage, pechay baguio and baguio beans, spring onions or onion leeks. Boil for another 1 min.

5. Turn off flame. Transfer in a serving bowl. Best served with calamansi, siling labuyo and fish sauce. 

*May opt to add boiled potatoes