Max`s, Kare-kare 650g


A classic Filipino stew with a thick peanut sauce made with oxtail, tripe, and beef chucks. Best to add vegetables and serve with sauteed Max's bagoong.

Kare Kare Meat is composed of sliced bone-in oxtail, oxtripe, oxskin and beef chuck in frozen condition. It has a fresh beefy taste with no off or foul taste.  It is packed by 250 grams in a clean and dry plain PE.

Kare Kare Sauce is a slightly thick yellowish orange sauce. It is free from black specks or any foreign matter. It has a balanced sweet-salty combination, and well-blended onion and garlic note. It is packed by 400 grams in a clean and dry plain PE. 


Cooking Instructions:

Note: Thaw Max’s Kare Kare meat inside the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Vegetables are customer supplied.

1) Wash and cut vegetables.

2) Boil water in sauce pot then blanch puso ng saging, eggplant, string beans and pechay. 

Set aside.

3) Using kitchen scissor, open pack of Kare kare meat and sauce.

4) In a separate sauce pan, pour the kare-kare meat and sauce. Bring to boil for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Note: Use medium high flame

5) Add blanched vegetables and simmer for another 20-30 seconds. Turn off flame.