Dencio's, Pork BBQ With Basting Sauce (6 Sticks)

Dencio’s pork barbeque is composed of slices of frozen reddish brown and skewed to a clean, smooth, 8-inch wooden stick. Mostly lean meat with minimal fat portions. It is packed by 6 pcs with 50 grams of Dencio’s Signature Basting Sauce.

Thawing Instructions:
1. Thaw for 1 hour under running water or inside refrigerator.

Cooking Instructions for Charcoal Grill:
1. Remove both wrapper and label.
2. Fire up your grill, high heat.
3. Grill one side for 4 minutes then baste with marinade.
4. Do the same for the other side.
5. Serve with your homemade vinegar dipping sauce.