Dencio`s, Boneless Chicken BBQ with Signature Peanut Sauce 480g


Dencio’s boneless chicken barbeque contains one pack each of frozen Dencio’s Chicken and Dencio’s peanut sauce. It is packed and properly sealed in a clean and dry boil-able bag with the MGI sticker label.

Frozen marinated chicken fillet, brown in color with lean meat and skin portion attached to meat. May contain minimal detached meat. Packed in a vacuum bag that is properly sealed and labeled. Bundled with a pack of savory-sweet Peanut sauce.

 Cooking Instructions:

1. Thaw frozen marinated chicken BBQ.
2. Grill skin side down for 2 minutes to make a grill mark then baste with marinade.
3. Do the same for the other side.
4. Serve with our signature peanut sauce.